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Li, X. (author)
This thesis is motivated by the vision of designing smart wearables as partners for veterans with chronic posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Everyday objects are becoming ‘smarter’ with the integration of computational and electronic technologies. It is now possible to start thinking of these objects as ‘intelligent agents’ that can form...
doctoral thesis 2022
D'Olivo, P. (author)
Childhood cancer is a disruptive life event that creates high levels of stress and anxiety in families. It turns everyday routines up-side-down, and can block the child’s psychosocial development when families have difficulties to emotionally cope with this potentially traumatic event. D’Olivo developed three interactive objects aimed at...
doctoral thesis 2021
Boon, Boudewijn (author)
Young children often lack opportunities to play in a physically active way. This is particularly the case for children with cancer and other chronic diseases, who regularly undergo periods of hospitalization. Promoting their physical activity and play can contribute to their health, wellbeing, and development. This thesis develops ‘Playscapes’ –...
doctoral thesis 2020