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Onneweer, B. (author)
Haptic technology is more and more widely used to improve human interaction with devices, for example in touch screens of smartphones that vibrate when touched. Another application is haptic-tele-manipulation where a human controls a slave manipulator (e.g. a surgical-robot) by using a master device (e.g. a joystick). In haptic-tele-manipulation...
doctoral thesis 2016
Forbes, P.A. (author)
Head-neck stabilization is inherently challenging even when stationary, requiring constant vigilance to counter the downward pull of gravity. It involves a highly complex biomechanical system comprised of a large mass (the head) balanced on top of seven vertebrae (the neck), that are in turn connected to a moving base (the torso). This multi...
doctoral thesis 2014
Mugge, W. (author)
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a disabling syndrome associated with sensory (e.g., burning pain, allodynia, hyperalgesia), autonomic (e.g., edema, skin color and temperature changes), and motor impairments (e.g., tremor, myoclonus, dystonia). Approximately 25% of the patients with CRPS develop fixed dystonia which is characterized by...
doctoral thesis 2011