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Poullis, Ioannis (author)
The main aim of the master thesis was to create a design tool for the arrangement of the Propulsion, Power and Energy (PPE) systems during the conceptual design stage in cooperation with Maritime Research Institute of Netherlands (MARIN). Within MARIN, a recent and novel methodology known as Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is implemented...
master thesis 2022
Yin, Shihang (author)
Converters are the essential devices in the energy transformation process from the wind generators to the grid. Power electronic semiconductors have a high share of failures in the power electronic converters. Therefore, the reliability based on lifetime of power semiconductor generates more and more attention. This thesis presents a comparison...
master thesis 2018
Zhang, Shaochuan (author)
Stability and security of the grid are two vital aspects of energy supply. To keep the grid stable, it is necessary that the electricity plant can control and protect the mechanism. In the past, traditional plants could meet these requirements. Nowadays, the share of sustainable power sources in total electricity generation has become so...
master thesis 2017