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Reppas, Panagiotis (author)
This thesis embarks on the quest to efficiently compute similarities between data streams in real-time, a task burgeoning in importance with the advent of big data and real-time analytics. At the heart of this endeavor is the expansion of the Condor framework to accommodate new probabilistic data structures, tailored to meet the distinctive...
master thesis 2024
Hernandez Quintanilla, Tomás (author)
Similarity joins are operations which involve identifying similar pairs of records within one or multiple datasets. These operations are typically time-sensitive, as timely identification of relations can lead to increased profitability. Therefore, it is advantageous to analyze them using a stream processing system, which offers real-time...
master thesis 2023
Kanya Paramita Koesoemo, Kanya (author)
The development of data stream processing has become one of the key themes in the database and distributed system community throughout the world as data has grown on a large scale and in a range of industries over the last several years. Because data stream processing is a relatively new breakthrough in data-driven approaches, several teams at...
master thesis 2021