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Dijksman, Rick (author)
With the introduction of machine learning algorithms in industry came a new improvement to excising production line. Image recognisance can now be used to detect defects of the product made by these production lines. However these kinds of flaw detection can be fooled by mirror-like specular light effect on these products, which can reduce the...
bachelor thesis 2022
Iyer, Vishwas (author)
Significant work has been done in the field of computer vision focusing on learning and clustering methods. The use of improved learning methods has paved a way forward for researches to explore various theories to improve existing methods. One among various learning methods is Hierarchical learning which has showed impressive benefits and...
master thesis 2021
Jujjavarapu, Satyajith (author)
Schistosomiasis is a neglected tropical disease (NTD) that affects around a quarter-billion people worldwide. Most of the infected people live in tropical regions, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, where there is limited access to diagnostic and other relevant medical facilities. The current reference standard diagnostic procedure - conventional...
master thesis 2020