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De Smet, Sanne (author)
Extensive usage of vital freshwater is highly undesirable in the current era of climate change and population growth. However, the 6 millionm3/y of brackish seepage that occurs in the deep Horstermeer Polder, located in between the cities of Amsterdam and Hilversumin the Netherlands, is mitigated by using up to 207 millionm3/y of freshwater....
master thesis 2021
Goess-Enzenberg, Isabelle (author)
Due to the predicted impacts of climate change on the frequency of storm events, water managers are challenged to improve and adapt the current urban infrastructure. Cities need to be able to deal with the adverse effects due to more frequent and heavier rainfall. This implies the need for sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) that can deal...
master thesis 2020
Strikker, C.J. (author)
This master thesis comprehends a study on khettaras, historical subsurface drainage tunnels, in East Morocco. A numerical groundwater model was set up to simulate these systems and to get a better understanding of their behaviour. Subsequently, the model was used to simulate the effect of several scenarios: increased use of pumped wells in the...
master thesis 2014