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van Oorschot, R. (author)
This thesis takes the perspective that ‘a design approach’ might help to better understand and educate the business proposition development in new high-tech ventures. This has been observed at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology, where design students (without an entrepreneurial education) start...
doctoral thesis 2018
van Bruinessen, T.M. (author)
Within the ship design industry, and in particular in the development of large, complex and innovative vessels experienced ship designers play an important role in organizing and structuring the design process. How this actually happens within projects that develop such large, complex and innovative vessels for a single client is not clear....
doctoral thesis 2016
Stompff, G. (author)
Products are developed by large multi-disciplinary teams. The teams deal with many topics requiring the expertise of several specialists simultaneously. They have to decide together if something is a problem; propose multi-disciplinary solutions; and align their activities into a seamless whole. Stated differently: team members have to ‘think...
doctoral thesis 2012