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Sanghera, Bhupinder Singh (author)
Prior to the detailed design of turbines, turbomachinery engineers must rely on mean-line and throughflow models to come to a preliminary design. These models are based on empirical loss correlations and are often derived from cascade experiments and numerical analyses that are confined to the subsonic and transonic regime. Axial turbines for...
master thesis 2020
Gloger, Jonathan (author)
Large-scale liquid rocket engines require high-speed turbopumps to inject cryogenic propellants into the combustion chamber. Modeling the impact of secondary path and leakage flows on the performance and axial thrust of the pump is critical during the early design phase. Previous studies derived simplified models and empirical correlations to...
master thesis 2018
van Pelt, Hilbert (author)
Flow over smooth surfaces has been studied ever since the start of aerodynamic research. Non-smooth irregularities in rough walled surfaces will impact on the flow and induce changes in friction and heat transfer. The term 'rough walled' encompasses a range of shapes, ranging from material roughness to wall profiles with heights up to the...
master thesis 2013