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Peters, R.Y. (author)
A geographical point cloud is a detailed three-dimensional representation of the geometry of our geographic environment.
Using geographical point cloud modelling, we are able to extract valuable information from geographical point clouds that can be used for applications in asset management, crisis management, city and landscape planning,...
doctoral thesis 2018
Biljecki, F. (author)
The concept of level of detail (LOD) describes the content of 3D city models and it plays an essential role during their life cycle. On one hand it comes akin to the concepts of scale in cartography and LOD in computer graphics, on the other hand it is a standalone concept that requires attention. LOD has an influence on tendering and...
doctoral thesis 2017
Arroyo Ohori, G.A.K. (author)
Our world is three-dimensional and complex, continuously changing over time and appearing different at different scales. Yet, when we model it in a computer using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), we mostly use 2D representations, which essentially consist of linked points, lines and polygons. These representations are relatively easy to use...
doctoral thesis 2016