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Ganesh Ram, Srinivasan (author)
The current generation of commercial aircrafts extensively use composite materials such as Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) in both exposed and primary structures. These materials lack through-thickness reinforcement and are hence susceptible to out-of-plane impact damages. Barely visible impact damage caused by low energy impacts poses a...
master thesis 2021
Mestre Rodríguez, Cristina (author)
Adhesive bonded joints are commonly used in structural applications. The thickness of the bondline has an important influence in the resistance of the joint. Information on this topic is mostly available for thin bondlines; up to 1 mm. However, little information is known about the effect of increasing the bondline thickness. This study consists...
master thesis 2018
Ioannidou Kati, Anna (author)
Transparency and translucency are essential features of modern architecture. Glass products have been widely used in facade applications and recently their use has expanded to the load-bearing structure due their large in-plane compressive strength. However, the fragile nature of glass requires special treatment and attention to detail to avoid...
master thesis 2017