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Khaleghi, Aaron (author)
The consumer lending domain has increasingly leveraged Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make loan approval processes more efficient and to make use of larger amount of information to predict their applicants’ repayment ability. Over time, however, valid concerns have been raised about whether decisions made about individuals using these data...
master thesis 2020
van der Wel, Marissa (author)
In this thesis the automatic multimodal detection of social and task cohesion in meetings is studied. The presence of social and task cohesion has positive benefits on employee well-being, creativity and productiveness, and can therefore be used to assess meeting quality. Conversational partners imitate each other's body language and speech...
master thesis 2019
Balayn, Agathe (author)
Training machine learning (ML) models for natural language processing usually requires lots of data that is often acquired through crowdsourcing. In crowdsourcing, crowd workers annotate data samples according to one or more properties, such as the sentiment of a sentence, the violence of a video segment, the aesthetics of an image, ... To...
master thesis 2018