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van Kouwen, Niels (author)
Many sand spits are morphodynamically complex cases that are hard to quantify. Therefore, most case studies on sand spits in a specific type of environment, are descriptive or even non-existent. As is the case for spits in low-energy lake environments, like the two spits at the Marker Wadden islands. Because quantification is necessary for spits...
master thesis 2022
Wellen, Fleur (author)
The Noordstrand of the Marker Wadden has been subject to much more erosion than expected. From our current understanding of this low-energy system we cannot explain what has been the cause of this. The goal of this thesis is to create a better understanding of the different processes responsible for the development of this non-equilibrium beach...
master thesis 2021
van Meurs, Tom (author)
The Houtribdijk is a dike intersecting the IJsselmeer and Markermeer, and is partly reinforced by the construction of sandy shores. The sand eliminates the wave loads before they can reach the levee. Making use of sandy shores as flood protection in a freshwater lake environment is unique. The main goal of this thesis was to find the causes of...
master thesis 2020