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Thijssen, L. (author)
The Real-time City is a city on demand, shaped by customization over time. Inhabitants can shape the content of the city and their personal spaces according to their desires. As situations are continuously changing, the city has to update itself in real-time; analysing the given input, applying parameters and act upon these changing situations....
master thesis 2017
Shaib, S. (author)
This thesis researches two main aspects: the characteristics of (national) spatial strategies and how they can be transferred, to learn lessons for the next Dutch spatial planning strategy of 2018 (NOVI). Taking the objectives that have been formulated by NOVI in content, process and product as a starting point, a comparative study is made...
master thesis 2016
Jimenez Soto, H.S. (author)
Methods to stimulate living neurons in electrophysiological experiments involve the use of nerve stimulators that output deterministic patterns fixed at a certain frequency. Thus, they are unable to generate realistic sequences of action potentials to stimulate living neurons. By emulating firing patterns of excitable cells we are able to give...
master thesis 2013