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Lembrechts, T.P.A. (author)
Physicians use small variations in the needle insertion force to identify tissue properties and detect membrane punctures during needle insertion. Navigation of a needle towards the target tissue, for example to take a biopsy, is often based on detecting these variations in force. Literature shows that presenting physicians force feedback based...
master thesis 2015
Boessenkool, W. (author)
Epidural anesthesia is a commonly used anesthesia method during surgery or giving birth to a child. During the insertion of the needle in the back of the patient, the anesthetist has to interpret the different forces which requires extensive skills. To obtain these skills the residents train on patients, which is not without risk. Due to a lot...
master thesis 2012
Van der Maas, J.P. (author)
Purpose: An accurate needle or catheter placement is essential for the success of many procedures like regional anesthesia or biopsy taking. The accuracy of the needle or catheter placement could be increased by application of a rotational motion, which reduces the tissue indentation and required insertion force. Materials and methods: A...
master thesis 2011