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Oskam, P.Y. (author)
The project concerns a minimal spatial design that re-invents the watersystem in South-Holland by connecting waterways with roads through social use. The water system of Holland functions not only as a very imporant structure to keep our feet dry, as well as a vital transport organ and recreational layer. Because of the developments in the past...
master thesis 2016
Appleton, J. (author), Boas, J. (author), Chen, L. (author), Coskun, F. (author), Droge, J.P. (author), Hartman, N. (author), Jansen, S. (author), Kuijpers, P. (author), Le, J. (author), Scheltema, A. (author), Tran, L. (author), Wolters, E. (author)
Foresea is the result of course 'AR0148 - landscape architecture ON site' 2016, initiated by the section Landscape Architecture at the faculty of Architecture. Central aim of this course is to express the given site in a project at the interface between landscape architecture and landscape art, which will be performed during the Oerol festival...
student report 2016