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Van Wees, T.X. (author)
Active propulsion is required in order to further develop the capabilities of small satellites like CubeSats. At TU Delft a micropropulsion system is being developed based on a Vaporizing Liquid Microthruster (VLM), using liquid water as propellant. This research presents the manufacturing, characterization and testing of an existing VLM-design....
master thesis 2017
Ma, T. (author)
LED-based lighting is becoming increasingly popular in recent year, but LED development especially for lighting application now seems unavoidable. The various benefits of LEDs and the continuous increase in their performance allied to the decrease of the manufacturing costs makes it quite attractive. It is widely believed that LEDs would be a...
master thesis 2014
Sokolovskij, R. (author)
Solid State Lighting (SSL) is on track to replace conventional incandescent and fluorescent sources for general lighting. Even though it offers many benefits, the high initial device costs are still a major hindrance for many consumers. Packaging can account for up to half of the total device price, offering high potential for cost reduction. In...
master thesis 2013