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Mohajeri, M. (author)
Hot mix asphalt recycling has become common practice all over the world since the 1970s because of the crisis in oil prices. In the Netherlands, hot recycling has advanced to such an extent that in most of the mixtures more than 50% of reclaimed asphalt (RA) is allowed. These mixtures with such a high RA content are produced in a batch plant to...
doctoral thesis 2015
Li, M. (author)
Noise levels due to road traffic have reached intolerable high levels in and around many urban areas all around the world. Because of health reasons and reasons of well- being these noise levels have to be reduced. The noise produced from the interaction between the rolling tyre and road surface is one of the most important contributions in the...
doctoral thesis 2013
Muraya, P.M. (author)
This dissertation describes the results of a research that was conducted on the permanent deformation of asphalt mixtures. Central to this research was the separate characterization of the contribution of the aggregate skeleton and the bituminous mortar towards resistance to permanent deformation. The mixtures considered in this research...
doctoral thesis 2007