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Hendriks, W.H. (author)
In this thesis, a model for a staff scheduling problem within a multi skilled environment is constructed. It is shown that a cost optimal planning can be obtained by Simulated Annealing. The resulting algorithm is analyzed and applied to a toy example and a scheduling problem of a Dutch railway construction company.
master thesis 2013
Tri, M.C. (author)
In the low-lying coastal regions coastal defence structures are usually designed with a main function to protect the hinterland from highly vulnerable to coastal flooding. Sea dikes are usually the most common and important elements which form the coastal flood defence system. Sea dikes are designed at a pre-defined circumstance and requirement....
report 2008
Jansen, M. (author)
In dit onderzoek staat het modelleren van de opwekking en transport van zoutspray centraal. De aanleiding tot dit onderzoek ligt in de vraag hoeveel zoutspray er in de duinen van Voome en Goeree neerslaat als Maasvlakte 2 aangelegd zal worden. Het produktiemodel van zoutspray is gebaseerd op het golfmodel uit Unibest en een produktie model...
master thesis 1998