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Sathyapriyan, V. (author)
For people with hearing impairment, it is important to have good speech intelligibility, while also being able to localise the sound sources. Many beam-forming algorithms for hearing aids have been proposed, that minimise the noise, in combination with spatial scene preservation of the target and the interferers. By constraining the spatial cues...
master thesis 2020
Hsiao, C. (author), Achinuhu, A.C.I. (author)
In this thesis signal processing techniques for the Ultra-wide-band impulse radar (UWB-IR) radar are dis-cussed. To context wherein these algorithms are used is in a car, with the aim of detecting a child left behind in the car. This thesis also touches on algorithms to obtain vital information of the child inside the car. To this end a...
bachelor thesis 2020