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Weijenberg, Yannick (author)
This thesis investigates clinical phase recognition for cardiac catheterization purposes, focusing on coronary angiography (CAG) procedures, in the context of an increasing annual prevalence of coronary artery disease. It applies machine learning to analyze C-arm logs and video recordings, aiming to improve procedural efficiency by recognizing...
master thesis 2023
Beers, Wietske (author)
Laparoscopic suturing is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks in laparoscopic surgery. The long instrument shafts, two-dimensional view, and limited space for movement make simple actions, such as grasping and manipulating the needle and thread, difficult in the laparoscopic setting. To simplify the suturing process, the Hornet...
master thesis 2021
Meij, Senna (author)
The operating room is one of the most complex and expensive environments in the hospital. Research has been focusing on improving the efficient use of the OR time, for instance by using intraoperative data to update the planning of the OR during the day. This thesis used a deep learning network to automatically recognize surgical tools and pre...
master thesis 2019