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De Boom, C├ędric (author)
In order to meet the shipping industry's emissions reduction goals, it is imperative to explore and adopt alternative marine fuels. Methanol (or methyl alcohol) is expected to play a large role in the future. However, current regulations limit the attractiveness of methanol as marine fuel due to the inability to use the space around a venting...
master thesis 2023
van den Nieuwenhuijzen, Niek (author)
On board of High Speed marine Craft (HSC), the crew and the passengers are exposed to high levels of Whole Body Vibrations (WBV) and large magnitude Repeated mechanical Shocks (RS) caused by the motions of the craft. The HSCs are typically 10 meters long, capable of reaching a maximum speed up to 50 knots and widely used by various maritime...
master thesis 2020