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Manjunath, Laveena (author)
Airspeed information plays a crucial role in the takeoff, flight, and landing processes in animal flyers and aerial vehicles. Among the aerial vehicles, Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicles (FWMAVs) represent the novel engineering approach of learning and mimicking animal flyers in the past two decades. A few prototypes of various sizes and...
master thesis 2023
van Wijdeven, M.A.P. (author)
A passive exoskeleton was designed with the goal of reducing metabolic cost of human walking by augmenting moments around the hip joint. A novel approach, using leaf springs parallel to the human leg, was proposed. A kinematic model including man-machine interface compliance was optimized and results showed a maximal reduction of metabolic cost...
master thesis 2016
Semeijns de Vries van Doesburgh, R.J. (author)
There are many good reason for the development of a robust bipedal walking robot. However, until recently this development was hampered by the lack of a disturbance rejecting locomotion algorithms. With the introduction of Capture Point theory by Pratt et al. [2006] this problem has been largely solved. Capture Point theory describes the point...
master thesis 2012