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In this work, an efficient compositional framework is developed to simulate CO2 storage in saline aquifers with complex geological geometries during a lifelong injection and migration process. The novelty of the development is that essential physics for CO2 trapping are considered by a parametrization method. <br/>The numerical framework...
master thesis 2022
Piguave Tomala, Janio (author)
Regular Cartesian grid models provide satisfactory numeric results when a numerical scheme for reservoir flow simulation is applied. However, they cannot recreate complex geological features existing in realistic reservoir models such as faults and irregular reservoir boundaries. Corner point grids can represent these geological characteristics...
master thesis 2020
Ahmad Mohammad Tahir, Ahmad (author)
The hot water produced from a geothermal doublet possesses energy, which once utilized, the water cools down and is re-introduced back into the same reservoir at a sufficient distance using an injector well. As cold water flows through the reservoir, it acquires thermal energy from surrounding in-situ rocks. This process recurs until a...
master thesis 2019