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De Leeuw den Bouter, M.L. (author)
The quality of magnetic resonance images produced by conventional MRI scanners is guaranteed by the strength and homogeneity of the magnetic field. However, the superconducting magnets required to produce such a field make MRI scanners large and expensive and hence inaccessible to a large number of people in developing countries. Our partners...
master thesis 2017
Mensingh, J.D. (author)
One of the engineering challenges in high-field MRI is to have a homogeneous distribution of the RF magnetic field inside human tissue. In this project we develop a design tool for a HEM wrist applicator that has the ability to generate a homogeneous magnetic field inside human wrist. By taking into account the dominant RF scattering effects...
master thesis 2013
De Heer, P. (author)
The appearance of severe signal drop-outs in abdominal Magnetic Resonance Imaging at 3 Tesla arises primarily from areas of very low magnetic flux density B1 of the transmit field in the body, and is problematic in both obese as well as very thin subjects. In this study, we show how thin patient-friendly pads containing new high permittivity...
master thesis 2012