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Zhang, F. (author)
Existing concrete bridges require efficient assessment due to increasing traffic load and degrading material. For reinforced concrete structures without shear reinforcement, a typical failure mode is shear, which often means a total loss of structural capacity and does not have an obvious warning beforehand. To indicate the shear failure before...
doctoral thesis 2022
Roosen, M.A. (author)
In the design process of prestressed bridges and viaducts, the required amount of shear reinforcement is determined with a model that assumes the presence of flexural cracks. In order to keep the design process simple, this model is also prescribed to determine the amount of shear reinforcement for the regions of the structure in which, at the...
doctoral thesis 2021
Visser, H. (author)
Ladle metallurgical processes constitute a portion of the total production chain of steel from iron ore. With these batch processes, the hot metal or steel transfer ladle is being used as a reactor vessel and a reagent is often injected in order to bring the composition of the hot metal or steel to the specification of the final product. To...
doctoral thesis 2016