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Lombardo, Nick (author)
Class-D amplifiers are quickly becoming the standard in many audio applications. Their highly efficient behavior and wide power range make these amplifiers more suitable than traditional Class A/AB audio amplifiers. Battery-powered devices are a particularly interesting sub-field due to their special demand for extended battery duration and...
master thesis 2022
Nerkar, Saurabh (author)
THz time-domain systems driven by photoconductive antennas (PCAs) promise a bandwidth of the order of hundreds of GHz. This characteristic can be utilized to build see-through radars with sub-mm resolution and a field of view comparable to the current mm-wave radars at a relatively low cost. These radars can solve the issues in the field of...
master thesis 2021
Fu, Zhuohui (author)
Class D audio amplifier is widely used in many electronic applications such as automobiles, laptops, and mobile phones. However, electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated by Class-D audio amplifiers frequently requires an external LC filter for suppression. The LC filter itself causes significant nonlinearity. Hence, feedback after LC is...
master thesis 222-