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Seferlis, Ilias (author)
As Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) navigate through dynamic and constantly changing environments, it is crucial that they take into account the impact of their actions on the decisions of others for safe and efficient interaction with humans. In doing so, they need to anticipate how humans will behave in different situations based on their intentions....
master thesis 2023
Varma, Vivek (author)
Automated driving is where automobiles meet robotics. With the recent advances in intelligence, sensor technology, wireless technology, and computation power, we are inching ever closer to realising full autonomy in a vehicle. We are nowhere near the end of the line, however. Automated vehicles will have to interact with static obstacles like...
master thesis 2022
Bakker, Coen (author)
Stiffened shells and plates are widely used in engineering, but their performance is highly influenced by the arrangement, or layout, of stiffeners on the base shell or plate and the geometric features, or topology, of these stiffeners. Moreover, structures with modules are beneficial, since it allows for increased quality control and more...
master thesis 2020