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Vermeulen, Mark (author)
Current research on osteoporosis detection and transcranial imaging suggests that it is necessary to find a method to calculate the speed of sound in curved bones. A popular method to find the speed of sound in bones is by the bidirectional axial transmission technique. Currently, this method assumes that the arrival time of the head wave...
bachelor thesis 2022
Waasdorp, Rick (author)
Muscles generate force and enable movement. After excitation of a muscle the muscle fibers contract. Methods to assess muscle contraction in vivo are scarce. Electromechanical delay (EMD), defined as the time lag between muscle excitation and contraction onset, has been proposed as a measure for contraction efficiency, but provides limited...
master thesis 2019
Aulbers, Rik (author)
In this research, a Shive wave machine is used to study (a) the velocity of waves<br/>throughout different media and (b) the transition of waves between two different<br/>media. The Shive wave machine used in this research consists of 32 parallel<br/>aluminum bars attached perpendicularly to three parallel central wires. When<br/>a perturbation...
bachelor thesis 2019