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Segami, Miki (author)
A pilot-scale PHA microbial enrichment reactor fed on OFMSW leachate was monitored in order to assess the influence of free ammonia nitrogen (FAN) on its performance. The enrichment reactor consisted of a SBR with a 12-hours cycle which included a feast phase, a settling phase and a famine phase with external nitrogen addition. Based on the...
master thesis 2019
Kim, Jeong Hoon (author)
Purple non-sulfur bacteria (PNSB) consist of wide genera of phototrophic bacteria found in various aquatic system. A high versatility in their mode of growth ranging from photoheterotrophic to dark fermentation gives them various potential applications. Their nature of being phototrophs require them to obtain light as energy source for growth...
master thesis 2018
Siccama, Joanne (author)
Supercritical water gasification (SCWG) is a thermochemical conversion process in which wet biomass is converted into gaseous products as methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. For SCWG both the temperature and pressure of the medium are increased beyond the critical point of water (373.95⁰C and 220.64 bar). The supercritical water acts as an...
master thesis 2017