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Jacobs, Dianne (author)
This research looked into the influence of negative skin friction on timber piles in Amsterdam. Tensile load tests were performed on new, instrumented timber piles at Overamstel in Amsterdam. The negative skin friction calculated from the test data was compared to the negative skin friction from NEN 9997-1 for a single pile. The test results...
master thesis 2021
Honardar, Siavash (author)
In the city of Amsterdam, many structures, such as houses,bridges and quay walls, are founded on wooden piles. In order to gain insightinto the safety of such structures, assessment of the foundations is required.As part of an experimental framework assessing the safety of bridges and quaywalls in the city of Amsterdam, a...
master thesis 2020
de Boorder, Munta (author)
Over the last couple years, a number investigations into the α factors used for the cone penetration test (CPT) based calculation methods for the base and shaft capacity of driven piles have been carried out. These investigation, express different concerns and limitation of the currently used CPT based calculation methods. Prompting the need for...
master thesis 2019