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Azcarate Aguerre, J.F. (author)
Accelerating strategic investment in an energy- and material resource-efficient built environment<br/><br/>The de-carbonisation of the built environment hinges on the use of clean, renewable energy and the conservation of materials and components within circular reprocessing loops. The Façades-as-a-Service research concept aims to accelerate the...
doctoral thesis 2023
Valks, B. (author)
In recent years, the density on the Dutch university campus has increased substantially due to a continued growth of student populations. Campus managers face the challenge of accommodating the university’s students and employees mainly in the existing buildings, which are used ineffectively and inefficiently. In order to improve the space use...
doctoral thesis 2021
Alghamdi, N.A.A. (author)
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has experienced a huge investment from the government in many sectors such as health, education, infrastructure, and so on. A special focus has been given to the higher education sector. This is because education, and higher education in particular, is key for the development of any country. To realise this, the...
doctoral thesis 2018