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Cheung, Eunice (author)
Gecko-inspired adhesives mimic the external structure of geckos with micropatterned surfaces and the internal structure by fabric reinforcement in soft elastomer adhesive pads. Previous research measured the friction forces of synthetic adhesives, with either an external or internal structure, mainly on hard substrates. Much less is known about...
master thesis 2019
van den Berg, Jay (author)
Lifting an object by capillary forces is mostly done with a single liquid bridge which connects the target object to a probe. In this work the potential of capillary forces for soft-tissue manipulation is investigated; not only a single liquid bridge is used, but multiple bridges as well since capillary forces can be enhanced by contact...
master thesis 2018
van Broekhoven, Tim (author)
<b>Background</b>: Soft-tissue grip is a challenge in minimally invasive surgery. Grasping instruments used in clinical practice require high pinch forces in order to generate sufficient grip for manipulating soft tissue without slipping.<br/>In nature, several animals employ adhesion in order to grip on, not only hard, but also soft substrates....
master thesis 2017