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van Zwieten, G.J. (author)
A vital component in the management of seismic hazard is the study of past seismic events. Classically, this has been the domain of seismology, which studies the dynamic manifestations of the event to infer properties such as epicenter and moment magnitude. More recently it has become possible to perform similar analyses on the basis of the...
doctoral thesis 2023
Hoitinga, W. (author)
Fluid-flow problems in the transitional molecular/continuum regime play an important role in many engineering applications. Such problems are gaining further prominence with the perpetual trend towards miniaturization in science and engineering. The numerical simulation of flows in the transitional molecular/continuum regime and the...
doctoral thesis 2011
Van der Zee, K.G. (author)
The simulation of complex physical phenomena, such as fluid–structure interaction, appears to be within reach in view of the significant progress in computing power over the last decades. Yet, we are still far away from what is desirable in an evermore-demanding, science-and-technology-based society. If, however, we are modest with what we need...
doctoral thesis 2009