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de Heer, Mathijs (author)
This research provides a recommendation for Sonion, a company specialised in the development and production of hearing aids, on the production of moulds for the injection moulding machine. <br/><br/>The goal was to develop a process that reduces the cost and the time to manufacture an injection mould while maintaining a similar accuracy as in...
master thesis 2023
Mulder, Jelmer (author)
In the Netherlands roughly 20.000 people wear an ocular prosthetic as a consequence of losing their eye due to an accident or disease. An ocular prosthetic is a type of facial prosthesis that replaces an absent natural eye. The main goal of an ocular prosthetic is to provide an aesthetic replacement of a real eye. It does not restore the ability...
master thesis 2022
Berden, Freek (author)
Transcended manufacturing is a new emerging manufacturing paradigm in response to the rising need for mass personalisation and ultra-personalised products. Through product personalisation, people can assert their identity in an increasingly impersonal world. But the one-off a kind nature of ultra-personalised make them hard to manufacture with...
master thesis 2021