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Sitaldin, Dewwret (author), de Best, David (author), Mollaie Daryani, Salar (author), Nguyen, Van Cong (author), Gelderblom, Joey (author), van Roessel, Joris (author)
The main goal of this Electrical Engineering Bachelor project is to build a solar-power system for a quad-copter that will extend its battery life or rather its flight time. The complete system is comprised of a PV system (PV), a micro-controller (MC) and a DC/DC converter (DC) which was mounted onto the drone. On each subsystem, a separate...
bachelor thesis 2019
Grazian, Francesca (author)
The Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) has been introduced decades ago for low power applications, and more recently, it has been used for industrial high power applications. WPT is gaining popularity because it presents several advantages over the power transfer through cable, such as the galvanic insulation between the power source and the load,...
master thesis 2018
van der Werk, Bas (author), Koolman, George (author), Gerrits, Thomas (author)
This document is the bachelor graduation thesis of BAP Group B2. Together with BAP Group<br/>B1 the objective of this project was to create a control network and DC/DC converter implementation<br/>capable of fast, analog power management with active, remote-control and -interfacing of<br/>multiple converter’s energy flows. The system will be...
bachelor thesis 2017