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Soliman, Mona Youssef Moawad (author)
Access to safe drinking water is an essential human right and a crucial element to human survival. The quality of drinking water, has strong and direct impact on human health. Unless free of fecal contamination, water is unsafe to drink. Yet, to date, 2 billion people remain without access to safe drinking water. Consequently, the burden of...
doctoral thesis 2022
Wei, L. (author)
Excessive fluoride (F¯) in drinking water due to natural and anthropogenic activities is a serious health hazard affecting humans worldwide. Groundwater is the major and preferred source of drinking water, also in developing countries. The removal of the excess F<sup>-</sup> from groundwater prior to drinking is important in terms of protection...
doctoral thesis 2021
Wang, F. (author)
Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) is a technology that relies on soil passage - after pond infiltration - for water treatment. MAR is a proven technology for the removal of pathogenic micro-organisms, turbidity and a selection of specific organic micro-pollutions (OMPs). Nevertheless, removal of the wide variety of OMPs found in surface waters...
doctoral thesis 2018