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Veringa, Martijn (author)
In this study loading characteristics of rubble mound breakwater crown walls are investigated. This is done using a 2D physical model, testing for overall stability (through sliding) and temporal & spatial distributions of pressure along the face and base of the crown wall. A variety of wave conditions and geometries is used, with special...
master thesis 2023
Boersma, Floris (author)
This thesis is the third study of a research line that focuses on the interface stability of a rubble mound sand retaining structure. The type of interface considered is a geometrically open granular filter because of its economical and constructional benefits. The stability of an open filter structure in which the base layer is located on top...
master thesis 2020
van de Ven, Daan (author)
For the use of open filters in land reclamations new guidelines are needed as no research is currently done for the configuration of a sand layer is placed on top of a filter layer. This research focuses purely on the interaction between cyclic motions and the described sand-filter layer. A numerical OpenFOAM model is used to extract the order...
master thesis 2019