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Pols, Daniel (author)
In solving two-phase flows, the location of the interface between the phases is necessary to handle interface jump conditions when solving the Navier-Stokes equation. Current interface capturing and advection methods, however, suffer from various issues. The level set method uses the signed distance to the interface and the interface being the...
master thesis 2019
Spaans, Erik (author)
The accurate approximation of the surface tension force is paramount for continuum surface models in the field of computational fluid dynamics for multiphase flow where surface tension is relevant. This involves being able to accurately calculate the curvature at the interface. This study focuses on the use of convolution in smoothing the VOF...
bachelor thesis 2018
Joshi, Hrishikesh (author)
The Interface Capturing method, which is a finite volume method as formulated by Queutey and Vissoneau for free surface immiscible, incompressible multiphase flows employs a collocated arrangement of unknowns<br/>and achieves a discrete force balance for the case when the interface coincides with the faces of the control volumes in the...
master thesis 2017