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van Aarle, C. (author)
doctoral thesis 2024
Plokker, M.P. (author)
Tm<sup>2+</sup>-doped halides exhibit excellent properties for use in Luminescence Solar Concentrator (LSC) applications. Such LSCs consist of a glass waveguide with small Copper-Indium- Selenide (CIS) solar cells attached to its edges. The waveguide contains a luminescent coating based on a Tm<sup>2+</sup>-doped halide, whose 4f125d1 absorption...
doctoral thesis 2021
Merkx, E.P.J. (author)
A luminescent solar concentrator (LSC) is a concept from the 1970s that can find novel application as an electricity-generating window. An LSC converts sunlight to light of a different color by a process called luminescence. This light is transported to the edges of the LSC, where photovoltaic cells convert this incoming light to electricity....
doctoral thesis 2020