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Abhairaj Singh, Abhairaj (author)
Modern computing systems suffer due to inability of CMOS-device technology and conventional Von-Neumann architectures to support today's ever-increasing demand of high performance, reliability, cost and energy-efficiency. While CMOS device suffers from high static leakage, reduced reliability and manufacturing complexity; conventional computing...
master thesis 2019
van Lith, Niels (author), Garst, Swier (author)
The goal of this project is to identify the most promising measurement method and strategy for measuring the thickness of grease and to design a sensor module with electronic read-out and communication module. This project has been split into two parts: a sensor implementation and a communication system. This report describes the design and...
bachelor thesis 2018
Jeyachandra, Evelyn Rashmi (author)
As technology scaling enters the nanometer regime, device aging effects cause quality and reliability issues in CMOS Integrated Circuits (ICs), which in turn shorten its lifetime. Evaluating system aging through circuit simulations is very complex and time consuming. In this thesis, a framework is proposed, which allows for the evaluation of...
master thesis 2017