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Janssen, S.R. (author)
Double degree. Supervision of the thesis also at: Faculty Applied Mathematics, Department Numerical Analysis, Programme M.Sc. Applied Mathematics. Structure-preserving discretization techniques preserve fundamental structure of operators and operands found in partial differential equations. Classical discretization techniques sometimes neglect...
master thesis 2016
Van Keymeulen, Q.P.D. (author)
The subject of this research is a new concept of modular aircraft designed to cope with the seasonal variation in passenger demand by opening the fuselage and increasing its length with extra bits of fuselages. The goal is to find out if this new aircraft concept is more profitable than the current alternatives. Previous work have looked at...
master thesis 2015
Sciacchitano, A. (author)
Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is a well-established technique for the measurement of the flow velocity in a two or three-dimensional domain. As in any other technique, PIV data is affected by measurement errors, defined as the difference between the measured velocity and its actual value, which is unknown. Aim of uncertainty quantification is...
doctoral thesis 2014