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Djalali, A. (author)
Today we are familiar with definitions of architecture as an integrated, multidisciplinary “networked practice,” which takes its cognitive potential from a “diffused design intelligence.” These definitions were introduced to counter an individual, authorial approach to design which allegedly characterized modern architecture since its beginnings...
doctoral thesis 2014
August, K. (author)
In the aftermath of a normalized Foucaultian world with an all encompassing web of biopower, one remaining hope is to cultivate nimbleness. Nimbleness is an embodied aesthetic sensitivity to the material presence. Cultivating nimbleness is a particular style of cultivation; it is to willfully gather together one’s self in the wake of a formative...
doctoral thesis 2013
Negeri, E. (author), Baken, N. (author)
The ever increasing concerns for energy security, energy efficiency, and sustainable energy is offering various challenges for the power grid. With increasing penetration of the distributed generations, the electricity power system is facing an era of prosumerization, whereby all stakeholders can autonomously produce, consume, import and/or...
conference paper 2012