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Rout, S. (author)
With the bandwidth of the ECG signal extending from sub-Hz to 200 Hz, a major challenge for an ECG readout system lies in implementing the high-pass (HP) cut-off frequency as this translates into the realization of large time constants on-chip.Although techniques such as those based on the use of pseudo-resistors to obtain very large time...
master thesis 2016
Van der Maas, J.P. (author)
Purpose: An accurate needle or catheter placement is essential for the success of many procedures like regional anesthesia or biopsy taking. The accuracy of the needle or catheter placement could be increased by application of a rotational motion, which reduces the tissue indentation and required insertion force. Materials and methods: A...
master thesis 2011
Van den Hout, M. (author)
Biological molecules can be forced to pass through an aperture in a thin membrane of only several nanometres in diameter (a nanopore). Under the right experimental conditions, the molecules will induce a change in an ionic current flowing through the nanopore. Here, we exploit this principle to detect individual molecules of DNA and RNA and...
doctoral thesis 2010