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Groenewegen, M.W.M. (author)
Highly advanced robotic hand prostheses are praised for their impressive grasping and pinching capabilities. Nevertheless, a high demand remains for grasping mechanisms that are cheaper to produce, easier to assemble and lower in overall maintenance. In this paper, the idea of creating a 3D printable underactuated grasper was realized to fulfill...
master thesis 2014
Ypma, W.J.B. (author)
This thesis describes the design process for an iso-frequent oscillator. Instead of designing the perfect linear spring for a harmonic oscillator, non-linearities in the force deflection behavior of the spring are allowed. These inperfections are then compensated by propper transmission design.
master thesis 2013
Nai, T.Y. (author)
Meniscectomy is a medical procedure where ruptured meniscal tissue is removed within the knee joint. The con- ventional cutters fail to reach the entire meniscus. Therefore, the focus of this study is to create a cutter with a steerable tip, which allows sideway steering to increase the reacha- bility within the knee joint. Additionally, this...
master thesis 2010