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Coehoorn, H.H. (author)
The field of upper limb prosthetics focuses on the development of artificial replacement devices for upper limb loss, from partial finger loss to amputation of the entire arm at the shoulder. Hand and hook prostheses are designed to replace the functionality of a missing hand and can be powered either by external sources (e.g. electricity) or by...
master thesis 2017
Moreo, M. (author)
In developing countries amputation surgeries are performed more often than in western countries due to a lack of medical knowledge and the prevalence of illnesses that have been defeated in the developed world. Only 5% of the amputees own a prosthesis because there are distribution and maintenance problems, as well as cultural issues surrounding...
master thesis 2016
Verleg, M.N. (author)
Since there is a lack of functional active two degree of freedom wrist mechanisms for hand prostheses, one is designed in accordance to the needs of the user, such that it can be provided with hand prostheses and used by patients. A list of requirements is used to design a wrist mechanism, after which the prototype is tested to validate the...
master thesis 2015