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Snijders, J.W. (author)
Since in the finger most muscle-tendons cross multiple joints, moment arms (MA’s) of these muscle-tendons have a major influence on the distribution of joint moments over these joints. This is crucial for finger balance and therefore finger functioning. Recent developments in the technique of ultrasonic measurements have made it possible to...
master thesis 2011
De Lat, B. (author)
Background: An ablation catheter with integrated high-frequency single element ultrasound transducers has been developed by Philips Research, which makes it possible to assess tissue-depth and lesion formation in real-time. The interpretation of the acquired ultrasound M-mode images is difficult due to a combination of cardiac motion and motion...
master thesis 2014
Abinzano, F. (author)
Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the joints that reduces physical function and leads to chronic pain. It occurs mostly in persons from an age of 50 years of older and can be considered a disease of the aging population. Although there is no clear evidence of its effects, induced hyperthermia is sometimes prescribed to these patients...
master thesis 2016