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Munts, A.G. (author), Mugge, W. (author), Meurs, T.S. (author), Schouten, A.C. (author), Marinus, J. (author), Lorimer Moseley, G. (author), Van der Helm, F.C.T. (author), Van Hilten, J.J. (author)
Background: Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) may occur after trauma, usually to one limb, and is characterized by pain and disturbed blood flow, temperature regulation and motor control. Approximately 25% of cases develop fixed dystonia. Involvement of dysfunctional GABAergic interneurons has been suggested, however the mechanisms that...
journal article 2011
Meskers, C.G.M. (author), Schouten, A.C. (author), De Groot, J.H. (author), De Vlugt, E. (author), Van Hilten, B.J.J. (author), Van der Helm, F.C.T. (author), Arendzen, H.J.H. (author)
Background Instead of hyper-reflexia as sole paradigm, post-stroke movement disorders are currently considered the result of a complex interplay between neuronal and muscular properties, modified by level of activity. We used a closed loop system identification technique to quantify individual contributors to wrist joint stiffness during an...
journal article 2009
Schouten, A.C. (author), De Vlugt, E. (author), Van Hilten, J.J. (author), Van der Helm, F.C. (author)
This study aimed to analyse the dynamic properties of the muscle spindle feedback system of shoulder muscles during a posture task. External continuous force disturbances were applied at the hand while subjects had to minimize their hand displacements. The results were analysed using two frequency response functions (FRFs) from which the model...
journal article 2008