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Meijneke, C. (author), Kragten, G.A. (author), Wisse, M. (author)
The Delft Hand 2 (DH-2) is an underactuated robot hand meant for industrial applications, having six degrees of freedom (DoF), one actuator (DoA) and no sensors. It was designed to provide a cheap and robust hand to grasp a large range of objects without damaging them. The goal of this paper is to assess the design and performance of the DH-2,...
journal article 2011
Wisse, M. (author), Wilbers, F. (author), Meijneke, C. (author)
Artificial hand (1) suitable for robotic applications or as a prosthesis, comprising a frame (2) with a thumb (3) and at least two fingers (4,5), and having a motor drive (6) for adjusting the thumb and the fingers with respect to the frame, wherein the motor drive has a housing (7) and an axle (8) which is rotatably positioned within the...
patent 2011