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Vegter, R.J.K. (author), Hartog, J. (author), De Groot, S. (author), Lamoth, C.J. (author), Bekker, M.J. (author), Van der Scheer, J.W. (author), Van der Woude, L.H.V. (author), Veeger, H.E.J. (author)
Background To propel in an energy-efficient manner, handrim wheelchair users must learn to control the bimanually applied forces onto the rims, preserving both speed and direction of locomotion. Previous studies have found an increase in mechanical efficiency due to motor learning associated with changes in propulsion technique, but it is...
journal article 2015
Vegter, R.J.K. (author), Lamoth, C.J. (author), De Groot, S. (author), Veeger, H.E.J. (author), Van der Woude, L.H.V. (author)
Background Handrim wheelchair propulsion is a complex bimanual motor task. The bimanually applied forces on the rims determine the speed and direction of locomotion. Measurements of forces and torques on the handrim are important to study status and change of propulsion technique (and consequently mechanical strain) due to processes of learning,...
journal article 2013
Herder, J.L. (author), Vrijlandt, N. (author), Antonides, T. (author), Cloosterman, M. (author), Mastenbroek, P.L. (author)
This article describes the development of a mobile arm support for people with muscular diseases. The arm support is spring-balanced, with special attention on reduction of operating effort (high balancing quality and low friction), functionality (large range of motion), and aesthetics (inconspicuous design). The spring settings can be adjusted...
journal article 2006