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Li, P. (author), Zdebski, D. (author), Langen, H.H. (author), Hoogstrate, A.M. (author), Oosterling, J.A.J. (author), Munnig Schmidt, R.H. (author), Allen, D.M. (author)
Micro features with high aspect ratios are one of the commonly encountered geometries found in micro products. In the literature, these structures are often used in demonstrator products machined by a micromilling process. In this paper, the challenges in micromilling thin ribs ith high aspect ratios have been studied. Due to the scaling effect,...
journal article 2010
Lau, G.K. (author), Goosen, J.F.L. (author), Duc, T.C. (author), Van Keulen, F. (author)
This paper presents an overview of a new type of thermal micro-actuators using thermally expandable polymers with embedded skeletons. Embedding a stiff skeleton enhances the actuation capability of the thermally expandable polymer. Consequently, the skeleton-reinforced polymers feature a large maximum actuation stress (often above 100 MPa) and a...
conference paper 2008
Langelaar, M. (author), Van Keulen, F. (author)
This article illustrates the opportunities that combining computational modeling and systematic design optimization techniques offer to facilitate the design process of shape memory alloy (SMA) structures. Focus is on shape memory behavior due to the R-phase transformation in Ni-Ti, for which a dedicated constitutive model is formulated. In this...
conference paper 2007